Thursday, January 25, 2007

Things I've Lost

I was surfing through the channels today and I came across an elderly asian gentleman singing on CMT. It was a song called "The Last Ten Years." He goes through a list of things and people we have lost in the last ten years, and lists some events that have happened in the last twelve years. He also manages to work a Chris Rock joke in there somewhere. It really got me thinking about what I've lost over the last ten years.

Today, in fact, I lost something. I went through the carwash at Sheetz and the blow dryer took the My Morning Jacket sticker I got for Christmas right off. I didn't even want the blow dryer. I wanted the undercarriage wash but didn't get it. You've lost a customer, Sheetz.

When I was in high school I had a yellow Meat Puppets t-shirt. It was pretty ugly but I liked it, and somewhere along the line I lost it. Kind of like how we all lost Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash, and June Carter Cash. That reminds me, I got the shirt at Crandall Audio in Orem, and I managed to lose that too. I probably went there three times a week in high school to look for used CDs. I think it's a massage parlor now.

I lost a part of my soul the times I watched Howard the Duck, Rocky V, and any movie with Robin Williams. I was young and my soul wasn't completely formed when I saw Howard the Duck and Rocky V, which probably explains a lot. I later lost a part of my brain when I tried to scratch out the parts that remembered these movies with a screwdriver. My apologies to Eric D. Snider for stealing that last joke.


smootheP said...

i lost my old, first-gen Nike Bo Jackson's... except i had the low-top ones that were fluorescent green. i had them since i was 13 and they would still fit me. now i'm upset that i haven't seen them in at least 5 years. thanks for the post, dave, i'm pissed off now.

David Kennedy said...

That stinks smootheP. I know what it's like losing shoes you had when you were 13. Of course, the shoes I had when I was 13 I lost when I was 14 and I didn't as much lose them as my mom just put them in the trash because they were too small.

Anonymous said...

You didn't mention how many times you've lost your wedding ring. Do you even know where it is now?

Marc said...

You may have lost Crandall Audio... but you gained P2P networks ;)

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