Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Random Thought While Contemplating A World In Which Barry Bonds Is The Career Home Run King

I've recently discovered Ken Jennings' blog and -- and this is no revelation -- the man is brilliant. I'm not talking about his trivia brilliance. I'm talking about his writing/comedic brilliance. For example, he begins a recent blog post thus:

True confession: when celebrity deaths come in threes, as with Ingmar Bergman, Bill Walsh, and Tom Snyder yesterday, I like to imagine the deceased shooting each other in a three-way standoff, like at the end of Reservoir Dogs.

I can only stand in awe of the mind that thought of that. I highly recommend adding his blog to your reader. Also, be sure not to miss his post "Five realizations about Utah after not living here for a year."

In other so-nerdy-they're-cool (and Mormon) news...Donny Osmond is really funny too.

UPDATE: NATS WIN! Sorry Barry. Man, this was a late one on the East Coast.
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