Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yet Another Post About Arcade Fire

...or is it "The" Arcade Fire? Not sure. Anyway, I'm listening to Funeral for about the twentieth time and I don't think I've really appreciated the whole album until this listen. I really thought some of the early songs on it were just filler -- there to justify an entire album and make way for the likes of "Crown of Love", "Wake Up", and "Rebellion". Was I ever mistaken. In my mind this is what makes a truly great album. With one exception that I can think of (the Shins' Chutes Too Narrow), if I really dig an album after the first listen, it's probably going to get old fast. On the other hand is an album like Funeral -- complex, strange, grating on the ears at times, but ultimately eminently listenable. I haven't gotten around to listening to Neon Bible even once -- it's been three years and Funeral hasn't fully grown on me yet.
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