Friday, February 23, 2007

No, I think this is why BYU started blocking YouTube...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Birthday!

I just wanted to wish a VERY happy birthday to all those folks (dead and alive) born on February 18th. Just to name a few: Molly Ringwald, John Travolta, George Kennedy, George "The Gipper" Gipp, John Warner (U.S. Senator from Virginia), Toni Morrison, John Hughes (Director of Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller), Kevin Tapani, Matt Dillon, Andre Young (Dr. Dre), Enzo Ferrari (bless him), Charles M. Schwab (not to be confused with Charles R. Schwab), and Mary I Tudor (Bloody Mary). This for all of you (not just Rosie):

P.S. The first Iron Man Triathlon was held in Kona, Hawaii on this day in 1978. Please post any other events of interest you can find for February 18.

And, Happy Chinese New Year. 2007 is the year of the DingHai (pig). Oink!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

How Did I Not Know About This?

I'm at a loss of words to describe this video, other than to say I'm now going to have to reevaluate the last fifteen years of my life. I'm still reeling from having discovered it. Let me get this straight -- New Order? On Baywatch? With Hasselhoff looking out longingly into the distance? Got it.

And now to restore some faith in New Order -- or not, depending where you come down on the issue of really short shorts on dudes -- here they're doing Temptation live (in what appears to be Orem High's "B" gym).

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Classic Political Moments III

"I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice."

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Great Moments in White Guy Sports History II

Did you hear University of Colorado head football coach Dan Hawkins freak completely the heck out? Listen to it here.

Dude, take it easy, it's Valentine's Day.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

This blog post is about love. I love that.

We love Martha Stewart (no, not because she’s a felon – and I love me some felons – or because she might be an undercover capitalist dictator). Somehow Martha knows it and does it all. She’s a chef, a baker, a crafter, a handywoman, a homemaker, a professional bed-maker, an author, an entrepreneur, and more. My hero. I think scary things might result if she was locked in a room with Hillary Clinton and Oprah, but I love her just the same.

I love to cook. I love the Food Network even more than Martha. I made Giada’s French Onion Soup the other night for dinner. I’m a fan. It’s easy to make (which I need) and original (which I love) and calls for fresh herbs (which I also love).

Back to Martha. She’s a no-nonsense gal. She focuses on the task at hand and will get a little testy if you try to distract her. She didn’t seem too thrilled when I saw her co-guesting with Borat on Leno a couple months ago. I love this video of her with Letterman. Maybe I just love Letterman. I have a thing for Davids.

That reminds me, did you see Oprah on Letterman? Historic.

NOTE: I'm not blogging at work. It's a snow day.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Everything's Funnier...
You know the old adage "everything is funnier when you're tired?" or is it "everything's funnier when you're lying down?" Anyway, I think the same thing is true for website names. Everything is funnier when you make it into a website.

When you're IMing a friend at work (which I don't recommend because it's wrong), putting the punch line of your story or the aggravation towards your boss into a website name is like icing on a cake: unnecessary, but sweet. For laughs, you might try: or (ok, that's not even funny as a website) or my personal favorite

What about movie lines? Oops. I just broke a Kennedy Conspiracy rule. You know, the one that says you're not supposed to quote stupid movies. If anyone can tell me what movie that's from, though, I'll give them a gold star. What about his one: www.ididntbreakitiplaceditinthewoodsbecauseitsmadeoutofwood Ok, I don't think movie lines work and I'm getting myself trouble.

I am more interested in hearing what you think would be funnier if it was the name of a website. No profanity, please.

NOTE: Visit at your own risk.
Great Moments In White Guy Sports History

Classic Political Moments II -- Howard Dean X 3

I recommend watching the first two in sync.

Here's the real Howard.

Here's a wannabe Howard.

Here's a cartoon Howard.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Are Pets Replacing Children?

I’ve never really liked animals. I think unicorns were my favorite animal as a kid. This was my first clue, but I didn't see it at the time. Think about it, unicorns aren't cute and cuddly animals that you have to touch or take care of. They don’t even exist. Oops. I hope this wasn’t a “there’s no Santa Claus” moment for anyone.

When I was younger my family had a dog, Daisy, and although I probably wasn’t the best at taking care of her, I loved her. I was very sad when she died my senior year of high school. One of our dogs after Daisy chewed my retainer and my teeth got crooked. I had to get braces again when I was 27. Another dog chewed through my bedroom door and trashed my room (more than once). I’m just not a huge fan of that kind of behavior.

Sometimes I think I want a mini dog, one that will sleep curled up under my armpit at night and keep me warm. I’m allergic to dogs, though, and I’m not too keen on picking up miniature poopies and letting a dog pee in my house. And, the hair. The hair.

This brings me to the point of this post: more and more people are obsessed with their pets and they’re adopting pets instead of having children or getting married. A lot of my friends (some of them read my blog) have pets that they treat just like human members of their families. They buy clothes and SHOES and let them sleep in their beds. Didn’t pet obsessions used to be just a crazy old lady thing? Is this a widespread phenomenon or do I just have weird friends? I feel like the odd ball here. I just don’t understand pet obsession. Does the companionship outweigh the annoyance?

I found this on YouTube. Is this normal? Am I heartless? Am I the strange breed? Someone help me out here.

Classic Political Moments

"Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

"Senator, you're no Jack Kennedy."

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'd Pay Extra Taxes for Them

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about words and grammar. First of all, why do Americans, speaking the same language, use different words and pronunciations in different parts of the country? When I moved to Tennessee in high school, I was amazed to discover that my friends there used such different words than my friends in Maryland. For one, people in Tennessee call grocery carts “buggies.” I’ve somehow adopted this word and I can’t shake it. They ask if you’re feeling “puny” instead of sick and “do what?” instead of “what did you say?” So, is it pronounced Colo-rod-o or Colo-rad-o? Is it que-pon or coupe-on? Is it Pirates of the Ca-RIBB-ean or Cari-BBE-an?

And, what’s up with grammar these days? I don’t know every grammar rule and I’m sure I’ve messed something up in this post, but I try to care about it. I think most people just don’t care and I’ve discovered recently that a lot people make it up as they go along. My pet peeves: comma splicing and semi-colon mislaying. I could tell you some funny stories, but I want to keep my friends.

I like the YouTube theme we’ve got going on in da house. I now know I’ve joined the “March of the Nerds” and I need to stop bullying people. It’s a whole new world for me. What else am I doing wrong?

Everyday Is Like Sunday

For being one of the great songs of the past 25 years Morrissey's "Everyday is like Sunday" sure has a lame video to go along with it.

Fortunately, though, it looks like Morrissey has learned his lesson and is sticking with live concert footage for videos. Here's the Smith's "There is a light that never goes out" -- the best song of the last 25 years.

For more Smiths/Morrissey videos follow this link.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


THE SNOWY DAY by Ezra Jack Keats is one of my favorite books. Anyway, I used to look forward to snow days. The single digit temps were no sweat. I remember setting my alarm an hour or two earlier on snow days to get up and check the school closings. We'd sled outside for hours and play until our fingers hurt. When we got home we'd fill buckets with hot water and soak our hands and feet. I heard in a first aid class recently that you're not supposed to do that. Oh, well. I still have my fingers. Or, am I typing with my toes?

I slipped on the ice in front of a bus in high school. I guess it's all down hill after elementary school. And, I don’t think it would go over too well with my boss if I soaked my feet in hot water at work. There are other things to worry about too, like the guy behind you. Rule #1: Don’t get out of your car in the snow.

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