Monday, June 02, 2008

This Deserves Its Own Post

This originally was a comment on the last post but I figure it's valuable enough information that it deserves to stand on its own. I give you

my least favorite musicians/bands of all time:

1. Phil Collins
2. Huey Lewis
3. Janet Jackson
4. Spin Doctors
5. Any band named after an American city (Boston, Kansas, Chicago) or otherwise identified as not being from around here (Foreigner) or who had a lead singer named Steve (Journey).

That's mine, how about yours?


Laurie said...

You crack me up, David.

I want to share my list!

1. Anything that falls under "boy band" or "whorish appearing girl bands" (ie Pussycat Dolls and Fergie somehow fits in there. Speaking of Fergie, watch how she teaches this crowd of young teen girls how to win a man right and proper. Drag to about... oh... 2:45.)

2. "Faux punk" such as Panic! at the Disco (WTF?! I do NOT recall anything like this when we were in high school.)

3. Most country.

4. Most of what American Idol churns out.

5. Can I just say Fergie again? Yes? OK then.

smootheP said...

1. Country.
2. Pink. Well, I used to say Pink, but I have one of her albums that I downloaded and it's actually been in my car for a while now. So I'm removing Pink from the list. Sad thing is, same goes for Paris Hilton's album. I should probably not write any of this.

Speaking of Phil Collins, I remember one day my brother was driving up to my parents' house in his old beat-down minivan with a huge stereo system thumping. The fam was all in the front yard talking, and as he drove up, we were all debating on which rapper he was blasting for all the neighborhood to hear (all we could hear really was the bass bumping). Then he rolled down the window and you could hear Phil Collins singing... man, that was a great day.

It's funny, cause your tastes overlap with mine quite a bit, but I've always liked a few songs by both Boston and Kansas, notwithstanding your name hold-up.

But yeah, Chicago glows boats.

Andrea said...

Hi brother. I know you are lying through your teeth about Journey. To any of Dave's friends out there, Don't Believe Him! I used to hate the B52's "Love Shack", and then one day at BYU, I was sitting in the ballroom area that had tables everywhere and some group was practicing something over and over and played "Love Shack" literally 30 times. It was then that I learned to like the song.

David said...

Hey Sis...whatever. Fun story about the B52s but I'm trying to figure out what it has to do with anything.

chococatania said...

Michael Bolton, but only once he cut his skullet.

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