Friday, May 23, 2008

True Story

Tonight after my bar review class (seven hours of Wills and Trusts is not good for the soul) I was dying for a donut from Starbucks. You know, one of the chocolate old-fashioned ones. It was evening and when I saw that there weren't any in the display window, I asked the woman behind the counter if they had any. I guess she was just putting them away because she had them on the counter. She asked, "Do you really like donuts at this time of day?" I replied, "Lady, I like donuts any time of day," except I don't think I called her lady, and she might have been a man.

Am I just crazy? What's wrong with a donut at 7:00 at night?

Don't tell Christina about this. I told her I didn't have anything to eat. Good thing she doesn't read this (her!) blog.

Strangely enough, 40 minutes later I ordered a churro at Baja Fresh and no one batted an eyelash.

Related Video: True Faith by New Order (Is it just me or is New Order way awesomer if you don't watch their videos? Am I right?)


smootheP said...
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smootheP said...

I'm with you Dave. Donuts anytime of the mother-loving day.

Although donuts have historically tended to trend toward the earlier hours, I've never heard of one being questioned at any hour.

I'm unsure of the situation with churros, though. Can we get a Mexican to chime in?

David said...

Yeah, where's Darryl Wagner when you need him?

Christina said...

Web of lies! I couldn't figure out why he 'hadn't eaten anything for dinner' but didn't want anything at Baja Fresh. Does that sound like Dave to anyone else? I think not.

Christina said...

OK, that video is like the next episode of Return to Oz. Yikes. My favorite part: the guy at the very end who hops over the three K.O.'d clowns on his pogo stick hindquarter.

David said...

Yeah, watching their videos does bad things for my New Order fanhood. It's best just to stare at the white cover of "Substance" while listening to their music. And did you see the one when they were on Baywatch? Oy vey!

Andrea said...

When a comment has been deleted, I am always curious what the content was and who wrote it. I like New Order, with or without the slapping. I can't wait until you post a "Journey" video since they are your favorite group.

David said...


By the way, I'll go ahead and list my all time least favorite musicians/bands in no particular order:
1. Phil Collins (okay, this is actually number one...the rest are all a close second)
2. Huey Lewis
3. Janet Jackson
4. Spin Doctors
5. Any band named after an American city (Boston, Kansas, Chicago) or otherwise identified as not being from around here (Foreigner) or who had a lead singer named Steve (Journey).

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