Saturday, December 08, 2007

Quotes from my law professors over the last few years:

Federal Income Tax/Wills and Trusts professor:

"I'll be hung over and probably still in my formal gown."
"The fact is the woman drinks at lunch."
"You can tell I've had no sleep and alcohol and drove."
"B- students tune out; this is how it used to be."
"I don't spend $52 a day, even with the cigarettes and cat food."
"If you still don't understand recapture, go for the B. Don't torture yourself."
“The way to get a C would be to write a D exam.”
“All the nuns I know have fabulous jewelry.”
“And to be honest I may smoke in your house and I have a cat.”

Remedies professor:

"Bleak House is an unfair slam on the system of equity."
"We don't like people dying on the sidewalk. It's unaesthetic."

Sales and Leases/Secured Transactions professor:

"They're trying to fool us but they can't. Especially because they also give us the answers."
"Right? Right? Say yes…so I can tell you that you're wrong." [This quote encapsulates so much of what law school is like, bless its heart.]

Land Use/Property professor:

"No, I don't think you can use Northern Va. as an example of anything."
"Now, does that reduce the viscosity? I don't know"
"A catfish is like the buzzard of the sea; they'll eat anything."
"Ladies, you could rule the world but you won't. Because you don't trust each other."
"Does Henry the Eighth sound like anybody's uncle you know, UNCLE SUGAR!!!" [His voice was rising until the end of this sentence when he was yelling.]
"Every April 15th I send a love letter to Uncle Sugar and if he doesn't get it he gets awful cranky."

Criminal Procedure professor:

“And if you’ve seen some of these police matrons, they’re big enough to be insistent.”
“How’s Dungeons and Dragons going today? You winning?” [During review session when a guy surfing the internet didn’t have his volume turned down.]


smootheP said...

Uncle Sugar... man, I wish I had an Uncle Sugar.

David said...

Smoothep: do just want a fun uncle you can write love letters to?

Don't worry you do have an Uncle Sugar. He also goes by Uncle Sam.

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