Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Random Thought While Contemplating A World In Which Barry Bonds Is The Career Home Run King

I've recently discovered Ken Jennings' blog and -- and this is no revelation -- the man is brilliant. I'm not talking about his trivia brilliance. I'm talking about his writing/comedic brilliance. For example, he begins a recent blog post thus:

True confession: when celebrity deaths come in threes, as with Ingmar Bergman, Bill Walsh, and Tom Snyder yesterday, I like to imagine the deceased shooting each other in a three-way standoff, like at the end of Reservoir Dogs.

I can only stand in awe of the mind that thought of that. I highly recommend adding his blog to your reader. Also, be sure not to miss his post "Five realizations about Utah after not living here for a year."

In other so-nerdy-they're-cool (and Mormon) news...Donny Osmond is really funny too.

UPDATE: NATS WIN! Sorry Barry. Man, this was a late one on the East Coast.


smootheP said...

Not to rain on your Nats' parade... but we attended the D-Backs v Nats game the other night in a real doozy. 1-0 for the DBs. Our Cy Young defender, Brandon Webb, has now put up 33 scoreless innings in a row and is looking great as we head toward the end of the season.
One of the best pitched games I've ever seen... sorry your Nats had to be on the wrong end of Webb's streak.

Jennings ... maybe we could push to get him to take over for Carson Daly ...

Marc said...

I think all is brilliance is clearly due to the fact that he is a Democrat.

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