Monday, April 09, 2007

Don't Mess With Arcade Fire

So it turns out that the singer for Arcade Fire is NOT Canadian, but rather from Texas. Not that I have anything against our goody-two shoes brother to the north - who's never had a girlfriend (I'm just saying). To celebrate the news here are a couple Arcade Fire videos that rock.

First, Wake Up with David Bowie

And, Rebellion (Lies)

I hear their new album is pretty awesome, so expect some stuff from that later.


Chris Hayes said...

Easy to mistake a Texan for a Canadian. Those caucasians all look the same anyway.

smootheP said...

Dude... Arcade Fire is so rad. They look like they would be a great live show. The accordian/drummer boy is pretty sweet.

And the best part about your blog post... I had filled my quota for Canadians, so I'm glad to find out he's Texan so I can continue liking the band.

One final note, I find it quite important to label Texans as Texans, specifically, and not as Americans. Texans are a little bit more tolerable than Canadians, but not by much.

smootheP said...

Oh, and the new album, Neon Bible, is not quite as good as Funeral, IMO. So keep enjoying Funeral as long as you possibly can...

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