Sunday, December 31, 2006


Welcome back to the KennedyConspiracy. There have been some changes around here. I've deleted all the old posts. I'll miss some of them. There was the one with the joke about Greg Ostertag that I liked. There was one about the one-legged broadway dancer that was so classic. Other than that I will shed no tears for those deleted posts. You'll notice also that this has become a true conspiracy. Between the time I named this blog and now, I took criminal law and learned the definition of conspiracy. There are two of us now, but we're not planning any crimes so I guess the name is still only half right (unless you count crimes against intellecutal honesty).

We've added a radio station (thank you Informant). You'll find the podcasts EconTalk and A Way With Words as well as a music station. I highly recommend these podcasts and I'm sure I'll be posting about them along the way and adding new ones.

Stay tuned.

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